'Aut inveniam viam aut faclam'

The Kingdom of Na'er

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Hello all! Welcome to the website for the Kingdom of Na'er! The Kingdom is in it's infancy, and as such, this website is still being made and changed almost every day. As such, please bear with us! We are still accepting citizenship applications, so please feel free to send in your application! Otherwise, check back often to see things as they change, are re-written to be more understandable, and just come into place!
Welcome to the website of the Kingdom of Na'er. The Kingdom of Na'er is a small micronation, run by the fair Queen Alexandra. To qualify as a micronation, one must own - or claim - land. To get through this, the Kingdom has decided, that until such time that we are able to gain land on the Planet Earth, we will keep our only claimed land as that of Southern Pluto. The Kingdom of Na'er strives to find a way to combine the Medieval times with the ways of the modern time. However, we are also a kingdom made up of a fine mix of different type of people.

Currently Open Government Positions

Royal Council Advocates - in charge of representing their classes in the government of the Kingdom.

     ~ 2 Denizen Advocates

     ~ 1 Knight Advocate

Writer/Reporter - in charge of writing the news for the Kingdom, as well as helping to keep everyone up to date on the going          ons in the government.

The History of the Kingdom

In late December 2013, Queen Alexandra began to become interested in starting a micronation based upon the Medieval Feudal System. To be a micronation, a country must be able to claim land as their own home base. Although it is not traditional in the fact that no one can live there, we have claimed the Southern Hemisphere of Pluto as our own. Someday, we aim to also be able to claim land on the planet Earth as well as our land on Pluto. On the first of January, 2014, Queen Alexandra made the decision to found the Kingdom of Na'er. Although it is still a young country, it is in our hopes that someday we will be a country of like-minded individuals who believe that some parts of the culture in the Medieval times were perhaps better than our own world where pop stars essentially rule culture and where the government is insanely corrupted. It is in our hope that perhaps someday we will be able to live together in one place, although it is highly beneficial to be able to have citizens living in other countries as well, helping to diversify our own culture. On January 2nd, the Kingdom was officially born and her dream put into action. We hope to see this Kingdom grow and excel, even though she is currently standing on two wobbly feet.